Traveling Mexico Again The Winter of 2009/10 in a 29' Motorhome

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Spending another Winter in wonderful Mexico
Follow along with our adventures in Jennie the RV and Willie the Jeep
Our 29' Fleetwood Jamboree Jennie and our tow car Willie the Jeep
We are planning another trip to Mexico for the winter. This will be our 3rd winter spent in Mexico, not counting our first trip there in 1978. We've been spending our time on the west coast and the interior. This year we hope to make it further south and then across the country to the Yucatan. Then up the east coast to Texas. Or... We'll go down the east coast then cross to the west coast. Haven't made up our minds yet for sure. With us plans are never made in ink.
This is our tentative route but it will change with every move we make. That is the only thing I can guarantee. 
This year we've made a couple of changes to our traveling life style. Instead of taking the Class A 40' Alfa motorhome we have downsized. We've bought a 29' Class C motorhome. More about her on the next page.
We have spent the last couple of winters roaming around Mexico in our 40' Alfa motorhome. The size of the motorhome has kind of dictated where we could go. It is very tall and towing the Jeep it is pretty long. Narrow streets, low hanging wires (see 2007 trip) and tight turns were not our friends. The Driver also had to be very aware of the many, many topes (speed bumps) that crept up on us. The Alfa also takes a lot of electricity to make living in it comfortable. Most campgrounds in Mexico are older and have only 15amp service, the Alfa needs 50amps to run all of its “conveniences” i.e. air conditioning, washer/dryer and microwave to name a few. Also the campground spaces themselves are in the most part made for smaller motorhomes. With our slides out we took up a lot of space. And the slides are another problem. If something were to go wrong with them we would have a hard time finding someone to repair them.
We will still be towing our Jeep Willie.

For the last year we have been following the adventures of a man named George. He has a 27' Class C named Ms. Tioga. He writes a blog about his travels in Mexico and visits and spends time in many small towns. He is our inspiration. If you want to follow his blog too click here Ms Tioga and George.  (if you right click and say "open in new window" when done checking it out you can come right back here.)

With the smaller motorhome we hope to be able to spend more time in the smaller towns off the beaten track. We can "boondock" in it and not worry about things not working.
Proposed Mexico Trip 2009/10
Map of our 2009 motorhome trip in Mexico
Things we've done and places we've been on this trip - Mexico 2009